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Winter tales

grab some hot cocoa and a good fic

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Name:Winter Stories
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Community description:Winter holiday related fanfic
Got a fic?

Is it Christmas/Yule/Hannukah/Feast of Saint Nickolas Day/Ramadan/New Years/Boxing Day themed?

Post it here.

The name of the comm is a bit of poor foresight on my part, any winter holiday is welcome.

Rules, such as they are:

be respectful (no trolls and/or flames).

warn for triggers and squicks (noncon, dubcon, incest, underage, death, graphic violence, RPF, etc.).

anything longer than a drabble under a cut, please.

it should be related to, involving, taking place on or near a holiday that is a winter type holiday (Christmas, Yule, Hannakah, you get the idea).

any fandoms, or original fic, any length.

Feel free to rec something, just give credit where credit is due, and if possible a link back to the original author.

please use tags, as appropriate (author, fandom, holiday).

Have Fun!!!

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